Doing the Two Step with Three Left Feet.

November 7, 2009

kitten and puppy cuddlingWe had what can only be described as an amazing get away. I don’t really understand what I am supposed to be learning through all this turmoil– maybe to be more specific about my needs? Maybe to realize that no matter how hard things are, I can do it? He met her at the airport on Wednesday night. I was running a training for work which was scheduled by someone who then wasn’t able to complete the task. My kids were leaving for my ex-wife’s wedding. The people who were supposed to show up to help  me with the training didn’t show up. So, pile o’things. Again. Ugh. And he was late getting back. (Note to self, TSA notices more than you might think. 🙂 )

They had a good talk, I guess. It sounds like it was healing in all the right ways- at least for him. And now we are moving forward, together, and that feels really nice.


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