Trashy magazines.

September 16, 2009

sexy tatto womanAfter a summer of drama, I have come to realize I don’t thrive on it. And when I do need it, I have tweenagers quite ready to unload any number of intense emotional responses to things like homework and dishes.

In my search for understanding, I have been reading a lot of US and People magazine and it’s really fascinating to me how the rich and famous are no different from the normal and in-debt. It’s all a game– with rules I find a bit repugnant– having to do with image and perception. Occasionally, people aren’t playing, they are living. And they are the ones I find most interesting.

I’ve always hated the way “boundaries” as a concept was used by people I knew as a way to be unkind to one another. I am coming to see how they are actually the key to drama free existence. Learning to define the parameters of my participation in a given situation, relationship, job, or volunteer experience has been invaluable.

I’ve always said I wouldn’t be famous or rich. Not because I don’t think I could be, although I don’t have evidence one way or another. More because the process required to achieve that level of influence is so unsatisfying to me.


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